How to Buy Diamonds Free From Conflict

Diamonds are really shiny, sparkly and pretty, which is why it can be difficult for people to believe that the symbol of love, respect, and strength can hurt not only the environment itself but a lot of innocent people.


Diamond retailers have been arming themselves with information whenever they get delivered with diamonds from their supplier. And the reason for this is that they do not want to become a supporter or at least a part of the destabilization or war funding that comes from the money generated from selling the diamonds. These diamonds are referred to blood diamond - wherein the people that are involved in this blood diamond is where the diamonds are sold and the money they get are funding various rebellion in Western and Central Africa. 


There is also an illicit trade going on with the diamond industry, wherein it has started filling with problems which are how they can fund the conflict. This kind of situation has alarmed several governing bodies that oversee something like this will never happen again. Unfortunately, such unethical purposes for mining diamonds are still going on today.


Another reason, yet somewhat connected, is how buying natural diamonds can either be good or bad, depending on where the source the diamond came from. There are a couple of diamond mining firms wherein it is not fair to its workers, especially the indigenous population that leaves it to the work of mining diamond that will support their livelihood.

Diamond buyers should bear the responsibility to know where the diamonds they bought came from.