How to Set a Budget When Buying a Diamond Ring

When you approach a jewelry store and set out to look for a diamond ring, you have to arm yourself with the right guide that will help you buy the perfect one. This is one of the most common mistakes that diamond buyers do - they have no idea how to choose one. What’s more, when they find a diamond ring to their liking, it doesn’t fit the budget they have allocated for it. If you want to buy the right diamond ring, make sure that you are familiar with the four C's - cut, carat, clarity, and color.

Why the Four C’s matter

The four C’s were first introduced by the Gemological Institute of America back in the middle of the 20th century. Since then, it has become the universal standard in identifying diamond quality. It has become the tool for many people to understand the reason why they prefer to buy one diamond ring over the other. Without the four C’s, it would’ve been difficult for people to discern the differences between two diamonds just by looking at them.

The four C’s still remained the same way as it is today and has helped a lot of buyers and sellers when choosing diamonds. But there is a renewed emphasis in one C’s, which is the cut wherein it can aid the diamond shine far more brilliantly compared to the one in the past. Knowing what these are being a diamond shopper, you get to prioritize some of the Cs over the others if you really want to have a diamond that works perfectly within your budget.

All About the Cs

The first C that you have to understand really well is the Carat. This pertains to the weight of the diamond, even if for others they prefer to call this the size itself. Diamonds can also be measured according to points, wherein a hundred is equaled to a single carat. The abbreviation you see “ctw” actually refers to the words “carat total weight”, wherein it measures all diamonds’ total weight from a single piece of jewelry.

Next C you have to consider is color. The most popular color is the white or colorless. There are other colors available, but they can either be a rarity and very expensive, or they have little value or not considered a true diamond. The diamond market traditionally values white diamonds higher compared to the others and even its grading scale tells a lot about it. The D grade, which is at the very top of the grading scale, is referred to as “colorless”, which is the rarest and obviously the most expensive. Go down one level which is the 23 grade, this is where you will find diamonds of various colors from yellow, gray or brown.

The most sold diamonds that are made for jewelry are considered between the grades G and J under the color scale, which is almost colorless. Beyond the J grade, the human eye can already detect the yellow tint in it.